Purging compounds

Specially developed cleaning granules that are not based on chemical reactions and achieve a high cleaning effect without any abrasive effect on metal surfaces.
kcd cleaning granules are largely odourless and do not emit any vapours for several hours. Temperature ranges up to 350 °C are possible.

Art.-Nr. Name Konzentration Primär geeignet für Reinigungswirkung
Item no. Name Concentration Primarily suitable for Cleaning effect
8030 clean.mix R30 100,0 % ABS, Ethylene - Copolymers, PA, PC, PE, PET, POM, PP, PPO, PS, PVC, TPE 135 °C – 350 °C
8045 clean.mix R45 100,0 % Ethylene - Copolymers, PE, POM, PP, PVC, TPE 135 °C – 200 °C

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