»Sustainability is defined as a principle of action in which resources are utilised as efficiently and sparingly as possible. The use of our products supports this principle. Plastic parts require less material and have a longer service life. Energy consumption during production is reduced. By producing high-quality plastic additives, we contribute to sustainable value creation for the benefit of our customers and thus help to save resources and energy in the global economy.«

– Carl-Otto Danz
Managing Director kcd GmbH

Future orientated

If you want to be and remain economically sustainable, you have to continuously develop. In addition to the personal development of our employees, this also includes internal company processes and, above all, our products.

New and further developments of our products are on our agenda. There are often only a few weeks or even days between the initial customer enquiry, recipe development and initial sampling. Cooperation with the customer is at the centre of everything we do and helps us to move forward together. Individual solutions characterise us as a company and have set us apart from the competition for over 25 years. A synergy of many years of experience and openness to new challenges and solutions makes us and our customers future-proof.

CO2 footprint

Within our company premises, we utilise a sophisticated heat supply solution that includes machine waste heat, specially developed geothermal storage probes and rainwater cisterns. Our roofs also have photovoltaic systems with a total output of over 100 kW. In this way, kcd GmbH combines the manufacture of high-quality products with high productivity and a strong focus on environmental compatibility and resource efficiency.